Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The last of the year.

I have to say this year I've been through good and bad times, just like everyone else. There are things that happened that are confusing but i rather not view it that way and view them as fantastic moments that create the person that i am. Moments of my life that define me and the people i love. thanks everyone for the moments ill never forget.

My very own surprise party:
Thanks you guys sooo much for this!! i LOVE you all.... but gina did kinda give it away..lol and i really really wished you came noah. :(   
Lara's had one too many!!

THE picnic :

I cant forget this lovely couple... long n lean you guys are perfect for each other.

Kathy's Birthday :

BITCHING FEST!!!!! hell yeah... one of the top moments.... everyone husshhhhhhh......

Where do i put this??: LOL

Matts surprize party:

Camp week:
I love you guys!!

Before a night of hard parting: 

Sid's Birthday!!!

Welcoming Gabriela back from the exchange!!! 
we missed you soo much!! 

SEXY day out!!!:

Gina's birthday:
I'm sorry for all the arguments we've had but its what makes me realize i love you even more. xoxox
The first REAL crew!!! hahaha

One of the best times of the year:
.... after all thats happened I still love you and always will. 
Cant believe you burned the painting i made of this picture... i put a lot of time into that!!! fuckin valentines present... jeezzz... lol

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More photo mania

Cruising the barge:
  Even more barge trip photos.

Yes!! this is the place where 'New moon' is set. I couldnt believe it when i was there, but it looked nothing like it was described in the book which really pissed me off  but it was fantastic being there. 



I've got more photos of the gorgeous city but I wasnt bothered to post them. sorry. 

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A frozen mind

The beauty of art it the ability to free your mind. Expand and experience things like no other way. At the moment my inspiration is limited so I've decided to go back to some photos of the past to recall past inspiration. Here's my photo craziness.

Avignon (France):

2006!! Avignon, France. The art inspirations of the city was amazing and its a fantastic place to go. Hope to go back soon.

Netherlands/ Amsterdam:
My second home!! I miss that place soo much.. haven't been back for a while. A place that everyone should go. Amsterdam is great.. next time i go ill get more photos of the city life and streets.

Vintage clothes are always an inspiration. These shots were from an open air museum some where in Holland. Theres one thing that gets to me about fashion, why is it sooo repetitive. The clothes we wear were already in fashion not long before... not everything has to be 'up' to fashion!!!
What do you say about paris? its PARIS.

Tuscany's street art:

Walking on the streets of Luca in Tuscany I bumped into this street artist, his unusual paintings attracted my attention and I hoped to use him as inspiration in the future.