Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The last of the year.

I have to say this year I've been through good and bad times, just like everyone else. There are things that happened that are confusing but i rather not view it that way and view them as fantastic moments that create the person that i am. Moments of my life that define me and the people i love. thanks everyone for the moments ill never forget.

My very own surprise party:
Thanks you guys sooo much for this!! i LOVE you all.... but gina did kinda give it away..lol and i really really wished you came noah. :(   
Lara's had one too many!!

THE picnic :

I cant forget this lovely couple... long n lean you guys are perfect for each other.

Kathy's Birthday :

BITCHING FEST!!!!! hell yeah... one of the top moments.... everyone husshhhhhhh......

Where do i put this??: LOL

Matts surprize party:

Camp week:
I love you guys!!

Before a night of hard parting: 

Sid's Birthday!!!

Welcoming Gabriela back from the exchange!!! 
we missed you soo much!! 

SEXY day out!!!:

Gina's birthday:
I'm sorry for all the arguments we've had but its what makes me realize i love you even more. xoxox
The first REAL crew!!! hahaha

One of the best times of the year:
.... after all thats happened I still love you and always will. 
Cant believe you burned the painting i made of this picture... i put a lot of time into that!!! fuckin valentines present... jeezzz... lol

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