Friday, October 31, 2008


Ever wonder why the little things in life get to you? I do. The constant annoyance of something you try to push away..but yet you still want it around. The conflicts in your head that comes back when you least expect it. It doesnt help when the problem is like an elephant in a small room. You try as hard as you can to avoid it but it's still there... and it becomes more annoying. Frustration is what consumes me at this moment.
Frustration for the things i cant control.
Frustration for the ones i love.
Frustration for the things life pulls me through.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

IB art

60% studio work 40% work book

What is the IB arts?
A two year art course in which you broaden your artistic skills and knowledge.

My first work in the IB art course: SELF REFLECTION
(This painting is still not complete)

This painting represents my past, present, and future. In this painting i used a photo taken of me in the 4th grade, I chose it because in the photo I'm holding my little sister which represent the effort i would do to support my family, representing the present situation in my life. I chose the black and white colors because i didnt want any other color to over take the meaning I wanted to be projected. The orange in the corner represents my Dutch culture, the fact that i didn't include my Thai culture doesnt mean that it's less important to me. The fact that i chose the Dutch culture was because my future plans are more involved in that culture. The white guesso that surrounds the figure is meant to be like a blanket of the cruelty and aggression of my life, the clear orange is the future and the fresh start. "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence".
(Keep in mind that the painting in still incomplete)

prem photo competition

Theme: “My World”. We would like to see photographs which explore and celebrate the diversity of the lives of people living in Thailand. Share with us part of your world.

My first photo chosen for the competition.

Improvements need to be done. I like the photos contrasts and view point but it doesn't 'celebrate the diversity' of the lives of people in thailand. what does? The decorations, the emotions, the colors. The complicated enriched lives of the thai people is indescribable.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who am i?

A question i ask myself. I am a fraction of the person I want to be. A fraction of the person i dread the most. A fraction of the people that is in my life. And a fraction of myself is actually me.

The things in my life has inflicted me in ways i dont even realize. The present choices i make for my future has to do with my past. Everything I do is connected, i may not be able to explain how or why, but it should make sense to those more complicated then me.

Like every other person i have my problems. Family,friends, lover... The thing that pulls you apart from everyone is the way you handle the problems. Avoiding it only causes more problems. Facing it makes you stronger...or so they say. But every time you go through the same thing it hurts just as much as it did the last.