Saturday, December 20, 2008

A frozen mind

The beauty of art it the ability to free your mind. Expand and experience things like no other way. At the moment my inspiration is limited so I've decided to go back to some photos of the past to recall past inspiration. Here's my photo craziness.

Avignon (France):

2006!! Avignon, France. The art inspirations of the city was amazing and its a fantastic place to go. Hope to go back soon.

Netherlands/ Amsterdam:
My second home!! I miss that place soo much.. haven't been back for a while. A place that everyone should go. Amsterdam is great.. next time i go ill get more photos of the city life and streets.

Vintage clothes are always an inspiration. These shots were from an open air museum some where in Holland. Theres one thing that gets to me about fashion, why is it sooo repetitive. The clothes we wear were already in fashion not long before... not everything has to be 'up' to fashion!!!
What do you say about paris? its PARIS.

Tuscany's street art:

Walking on the streets of Luca in Tuscany I bumped into this street artist, his unusual paintings attracted my attention and I hoped to use him as inspiration in the future.

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