Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Art work book turned into blog

Since i haven't blogged in like forever i decided to put  in my Art work book gibberish down. Sorry if it doesn't make any sense. 

I've been working on these sculptures on like forever.... maybe 4 months now. There are 2 sculptures and this art work have part A and part B. 

The sculptures.  Topic: culture
  •  cultural sculpture 1 -- Part A & Part B
  • cultural sculpture 2 -- Part A & Part B
Part A:  The sculptures

Sculpture 1 is of a hippie. As hippies have been the base of many other sub-cultures. It is the influence for many of the teen spirits, influencing the Beat Generation and many other revolutions and liberations. 

Sculpture 2 is a simple figure listening to headphones. It is the general musical influence that through time has created many genres that are present today.

Part B:  Picture silhouette -- Created with approximately 20-30 small photos each. The photos will make a silhouette of the sculptures. 

For sculpture 1 the silhouette is of all the things that the hippie movement have influenced. Photos are taken for sourced resources. 
Such as:
  • Beat Generation
  • Psychedelic rock
  • sexual revolution/liberation
  • cannabis
  • LSD
  • Music festivals-- Summer of love (1967), Woodstock festival, La Onda Chicanca, Avandaro, Nimbin
  • Harry Gibson
  • Rock music
  • Folks
  • Blues
  • Anti- nuclear weapons
  • Anti-vietnam war
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Peace sign
  • Love and personal freedom
  • The Beatles
  • Tom wolfe--The Electric kool-Aid  --School bus "Further"-- MERRY PRANKSTERS- filmed and audiotaped--song by Grateful Dead "That's it for the other one"
For sculpture 2 is all the different genres that music has an affect on.  The photos would be taken of the sculpture dressed in the different genres. 
Such as:
  • Alternative
  • Blues
  • Christian & Gospel
  • Classical
  • Country
  • Dance
  • Electronic
  • Hip Hop/Rap
  • Jazz
  • Latin
  • Pop
  • R&B/Soul
  • Punk rock -post punk, hardcore punk, new wave punk
  • Gothic rock
  • Indie pop
  • Indie rock

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