Friday, February 27, 2009


So i know I'm suppose to write about the artist Navin but i just came back from camp and i thought i better write about that first. Well for camp we went to a little village in Mae Hong Son called Ban Jabo. The trip was fantastic, spending time with friends and making new ones. We were post into small groups and we were put into houses. We then meet our host families, my host family consisted of host mum, host grandmum, host cousin, host cousin brother, host baby, host son, and host uncle. We spent the week doing activities and having fun. I hate being back and i miss my host family.


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Anonymous said...


write more about camp week and your host family. :)

i've seen lots of pictures (speaking of which, i loves yours), but i haven't really heard about it, haha. sounds fun though. i'm jealous. i wish cmis had a camp week or something..

anyways, yes, cheer up. the social is next saturday! and.. well, april's not that far away. songkrannn baby. ;)