Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back from the Barge!!!

So i'm back from the barge.. 3 minute showers are not my specialty!! But i must say the bird watching was amazing!!! thousands of birds!!! egrets, kites, storks, ashy mini-vets, and we even saw a white throated kingfisher!!  Sitting here typing this i can still feel the sway of the boat...feeling a bit dizzy. We had to test the water quality of the chao praya river, BOD, TDS, nitrate, phosphate, turbidity, fecal coliform, etc. talk about a lot of work in a short amount of time, i couldnt do all the test and watch for birds!! My research question: Does the water quality of the Chao Praya River indirectly affect the bird populations? blah blah blah.... a 5,000 word report!! i have way too much to write..i need more then 5,000!!!! and its due in like ...a few weeks!! aauuuurrrgggghhhhhh!!!!!  

Enough about school!!! I got some funny shots of my friends.. 

Kyra, A. Melanie and me busy testing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water!! 
(I'm telling ya, it's a pain in  the ass!!)

Gabriela and lara
Oreo and cream cheese eyes!!!! LOL

Fern, Tang, and Julia
Random moment on the train.

Lara, Gabriela, Sandra ( lil one in the corner), Fern, Richard, and Samantha

Kyra and Gina with their lovely lasagna 
(that looks like it was seconds from someone else, but it tasted soooo good!!!)

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