Sunday, November 9, 2008

The cradle of light

Last friday I found out that my photo got chosen as a finalist in the prem photo competition!!! I was ecstatic about it all!! But the winner was to be announced on Saturday at International day. Saturday came, and i waited till they were to announce the winner, but as i wondered though the stalls and lounged around the french stall i lost track of time and hadn't realized that they were announcing the winner in the auditorium. Next thing i know people are shouting for me any sayin I have won!!! I was in shock... i had to go on stage and take photos and everything...i was stiff. It hadnt hit me that i had won my first photography competition. I had won a printer, they said its worth more then 20,000 but im not sure. I have my eyes on a camera right now so i might sell the printer. I'll just have to wait and see!!!!!

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